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NanoSIM Cutter

Cut your standard-sized SIM cards and MicroSIM cards into NanoSIM size for seamless use with NanoSIM devices like the iPhone 5
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NanoSIM Cutter
NanoSIM Cutter NanoSIM Cutter

Price: $17.95

Need to convert your standard-sized SIM card or MicroSIM card into a nanoSIM for use with the iPhone 5 or other nanoSIM devices?

Now the solution has arrived in this easy to use NanoSIM Cutter. Featuring a solid steel bolt cutting mechanism, the cutter easily converts your standard-sized SIM or MicroSIM into a NanoSIM without shattering or tearing.

And it's so easy to use - just insert your SIM into the slot on the underside, and push down on the cutter's lever.

The cutter blade is suspended by a durable spring for smooth and efficient cutting.


  • Easy conversion of standard-sized SIM cards and MicroSIM cards into NanoSIM cards by cutting them into the right size
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Solid steel bolt mechanism
  • Clean, tear-free SIM cutting
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