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Larger Waterproof Bag for Phones - Light Pink

Larger Waterproof Bag for Phones - Light Pink
A multifunctional companion you need for outdoor activities without compromising having fun moments
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Larger Waterproof Bag for Phones - Light Pink
Larger Waterproof Bag for Phones - Light Pink Larger Waterproof Bag for Phones - Light Pink

Price: $19.95

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Had bad experience drowning your phone into water previously? This bag is just what you need to prevent it from happening again. This waterproof bag fits many devices and keeps it 100% dry.

It is not only a bag which keeps your phone from dust, sand and dirt, it also allows the use of the touch screen, as well as the camera - so you are still able to capture a few moments of fun without worrying about getting the device wet or damaged.

Moreover, if you still concern about dropping the whole thing into the water and it flows away or sinks to somewhere you are not able to reach, the additional elastic strip which converts it into an armband or the neck lanyard will keep your phone even safer.

  • Protects your phone from water, dust, sand and dirt
  • Fully adjustable elastic strip converts it into an armband
  • Allows the use of touch screen and camera through the front and back plastic windows
  • Fits a wide variety of phones
    Apple Devices
  1. iPhone 7 4.7 inches
  2. Samsung Devices
  3. Samsung Ativ S I8750
  4. Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A300F, SM-A300FU
  5. Samsung Galaxy A5 SM-500F, SM-A500F1, SM-A500FQ, SM-A500FU, SM-A500H, SM-A500HQ, SM-A500K, SM-A500L, SM-A500M, SM-A500S, SM-A500X, SM-A500XZ, SM-A500Y, SM-A500YZ, Samsung Galaxy A5 Duos
  6. Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 GT-S7270, GT-S7272, Galaxy Ace 3 LTE GT-S7275
  7. Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 GT-S7275T, GT-S7275Y, GT-S7275R
  8. Samsung Galaxy Alpha S801, SM-G850, SM-G850A, SM-G850W, SM-G8508S, SM-G850F, SM-G850T, SM-G850M, SM-G850Y, SM-G850FQ
  9. Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360F, SM-G360G, SM-G360GY, SM-G360HU, SM-G360M, SM-G360P, SM-G360BT, SM-G360FY, SM-G360H, SM-G360HU, SM-G360M, Galaxy Win 2 Duos TV SM-G360BT
  10. Samsung Galaxy Express I8730
  11. Samsung Galaxy Grand I9080, I9082
  12. Samsung Galaxy J1 SM-J100Y, SM-J100F, SM-J100FN, SM-J100H, SM-J100H, SM-J100M, SM-J100MU
  13. Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) J320F, J320A, J320P, J320M, J320Y, J3109, Galaxy J3 (2016) Duos with dual-SIM card slots
  14. Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250, Google Nexus 3, Google Nexus 4G, Nexus Prime 4G LTE
  15. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100, N7105, N7105
  16. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000, N9002, N9005, Galaxy Note III
  17. Samsung Galaxy Note7, Galaxy Note7 Duos, N930
  18. Samsung Galaxy Note N7000, I9220
  19. Samsung Galaxy S3 I9305, I9300
  20. Samsung Galaxy S5 I9600, GS 5, Galaxy S5 Duos SM-G900FD, Galaxy S5 SM-G900F, SM-G900I, SM-G900K, SM-G900L, SM-G900S, SM-G900M, SM-G900A, SM-G900T, SM-G900W8
  21. Samsung Galaxy S5 mini SM-G800Y, SM-G800F, SM-G800H, SM-G800
  22. Samsung Galaxy S6 I9800, Galaxy S6 SM-G920, SM-G920I, SM-G9200, SM-G9208, SM-G9208, SM-G9209, SM-G920A, SM-G920F, SM-G920FD, SM-G920S, SM-G920T
  23. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925, SM-G925I, SM-G9250, SM-G925A, SM-G925F, SM-G925FQ, SM-G925K, SM-G925L, SM-G925S, SM-G925T
  24. Samsung Galaxy S7 G930, G930F, G930FD, Galaxy S7 Duos
  25. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S7 edge Duos, G935F
  26. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 T719N, T710, T715
  27. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active I9295, I537
  28. Microsoft Devices
  29. Microsoft Lumia 640, Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM, Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE Dual SIM
  30. Microsoft Lumia 640 XL, Microsoft Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM, Microsoft Lumia 640 XL LTE Dual SIM
  31. Microsoft Lumia 950, Microsoft Lumia 950 Dual SIM
  32. Microsoft Lumia 950 XL
  33. Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia EOS, Nokia 909
  34. Nokia Lumia 1320
  35. Nokia Lumia 625
  36. Nokia Lumia 630
  37. Nokia Lumia 720
  38. Nokia Lumia 820
  39. Nokia Lumia 920
  40. Nokia Lumia 930
  41. Nokia Devices
  42. Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia EOS, Nokia 909
  43. Nokia Lumia 1320
  44. Nokia Lumia 625
  45. Nokia Lumia 630
  46. Nokia Lumia 720
  47. Nokia Lumia 820
  48. Nokia Lumia 920
  49. Nokia Lumia 930
  50. Sony Devices
  51. Sony Xperia E4g, E2003, E2006, E2053
  52. Sony Xperia M2
  53. Sony Xperia M5
  54. Sony Xperia SP HSPA C5302, Sony Xperia SP LTE C5303, C5306, Sony Xperia SP M35
  55. Sony Xperia TX LT29i
  56. Sony Xperia X F5121, F5122
  57. Sony Xperia Z C6603, C6602, Sony Xperia Z HSPA+, Sony Xperia Z L36h
  58. Sony Xperia Z3 D6653, D6603, D6643, D6616, Sony Xperia Z3 Dual D6633
  59. Sony Xperia acro S LT26w, Sony LT26w Xperia acro S
  60. Sony Xperia ion HSPA, Xperia ion LT28h
  61. Sony Xperia ion LTE LT28at, LT28i
  62. LG Devices
  63. LG G2 D802, D802TA, D803, VS980
  64. LG G3, D855, D851, D850, VS985, LS990
  65. LG G4, H815, H815TR, H815T, H815P, H812, H810, H811, LS991, VS986, US991
  66. LG G5 LGH850, LG G5 dual-SIM
  67. LG G6, LG G6 Dual H870DS
  68. LG Nexus 5, LG Google Nexus 5
  69. LG Nexus 5X
  70. LG Optimus G E975K, E975, E973, E971, LG-F180
  71. LG Optimus G Pro E985, E980, E986, F240
  72. LG Optimus L5 E610, E612
  73. LG Optimus L7 P700, P705
  74. LG V20, LG V20 Dual H990DS, H990N with dual-SIM card slots
  75. LG Optimus L9 P760, P768
  76. HTC Devices
  77. HTC 10
  78. HTC Desire 310
  79. HTC Desire 510
  80. HTC Desire 530, HTC Desire 630
  81. HTC Desire 601, HTC Zara
  82. HTC Desire 610
  83. HTC Desire 626
  84. HTC Desire 628, HTC Desire 628 dual sim
  85. HTC Desire 816
  86. HTC Desire 820
  87. HTC Desire 825, HTC Desire 825 Dual SIM with dual-SIM card slots
  88. HTC HD7 T9292, HD7S, HD7 S
  89. HTC One M7 801e, 801s
  90. HTC One M8
  91. HTC One M9
  92. HTC One S
  93. HTC ONE X
  94. HTC One X10
  95. HTC sensation XL X315e, HTC Runnymede
  96. HTC Titan 4G, HTC Titan II 4G
  97. HTC Windows Phone 8X, HTC Accord, HTC Windows Phone 8X CDMA
  98. Huawei Devices
  99. Huawei Ascend G6 4G
  100. Huawei Ascend Y600
  101. Huawei G7 Plus, Huawei RIO-L02
  102. Huawei GR5, Huawei Honor X5, Huawei Honor 5X
  103. Huawei P8Lite, Huawei P8 Lite
  104. Huawei Y635
  105. nova plus
  106. Google Devices
  107. LG Nexus 5, LG Google Nexus 5
  108. LG Nexus 5X
  109. Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250, Google Nexus 3, Google Nexus 4G, Nexus Prime 4G LTE
  110. Telstra Devices
  111. Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 GT-S7275T, GT-S7275Y, GT-S7275R
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