Online Transactions

Mobile-Mate uses secure protocol HTTPS for all internet transactions.

All information entered on this site is High-grade encrypted (AES-128 128 bit Encryption) before being transmitted over the Internet. Encryption makes it very difficult for unauthorised people to view the information travelling between your computer and our server. It is therefore very unlikely that anyone read the information you entered on our site as it travelled across the network. This ensures that your transaction is secure.

Password Security

All passwords use secure one-way encryption stored in our database.

No existing software can decrypt your password. If you forget your password you have the option of receiving a password hint via email or resetting your password.

Credit Card Details

Credit card details, such as card number, expiry date and verification code are not stored in our system.

Credit Card information is only passed onto SecurePay gateway from our server through highly secured channel to process your transaction. After the transaction is complete all your credit card details will be securely discarded immediately. For more information on the SecurePay system, visit Internet Payment Gateway

Enterprise standard firewall infrastructure

We use enterprise firewall infrastructure to protect the information you provide to us. If you have any concerns or questions about our privacy or security policies, please email us or by writing to:

Attn: Security Officer
PO Box 3484
Wheelers Hill VIC 3150 Australia