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Genuine Samsung Galaxy Note9 S-Pen - Copper

Genuine Samsung Galaxy Note9 S-Pen - Copper
Bluetooth, live messages, notetaking and more - all in the Samsung Galaxy Note9 S Pen Stylus
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Genuine Samsung Galaxy Note9 S-Pen - Copper
Genuine Samsung Galaxy Note9 S-Pen - Copper Genuine Samsung Galaxy Note9 S-Pen - Copper

Price: $59.95

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Interact with your Note9 with maximum effectiveness and precision with the official Note9 Samsung S-Pen Stylus. This stylus features all new bluetooth functionalities, making it a must have to pair with your Note9 for the ultimate smartphone experience.

Bluetooth Capabilities

Take photos, launch apps, unlock your phone and control your music with the press of a button with inbuilt bluetooth capabilities. To recharge the pen, all you need to do is put it back into your device, and even better, it only takes 40 seconds to fully charge!

Live Messages
Personalise your messages with your own emojis and handwritten messages all with the S Pen. Using the Smart Select feature, you can also make your own GIFs to share with your friends.

Sketch Drawings
The possibilities are endless when it comes to drawing with the Note9 S Pen. Bring your sketches to life with the precision of the S Pen and fantastic selection of styles and colours.

Take Notes with Ease
Note taking with the S Pen is made simple. Scribble down lists and ideas straight away - there's no need to unlock your phone! This is perfect for when you need to quickly jot something down such as phone numbers and grocery lists.

  • Maximum efficiency and precision control
  • Annotate, hover, magnify and translate functions
  • Manufactured from high quality, durable materials
  • Screen off memo matched with S Pen colour
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