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Samsung 'Resistive-Type' Touchscreen Stylus - White

Samsung 'Resistive-Type' Touchscreen Stylus - White
Get more effective control over your 'resistive-type' touchscreen with this lightweight & efficient stylus
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Samsung 'Resistive-Type' Touchscreen Stylus - White
Samsung 'Resistive-Type' Touchscreen Stylus - White Samsung 'Resistive-Type' Touchscreen Stylus - White

Price: $11.95

With a high-quality, thoughtfully designed stylus like this, you can get the ultimate control over your touchscreen.

Crafted with efficient and comfortable use in mind, this stylus gives you fine control and precision over your touchscreen, making it more accurate and less frustrating than using your fingers alone.

You can scroll, highlight, double-tap, draw, write, play games and use other essential touchscreen functions easily.

The tip activates touchscreen functions without damaging the screen, and requires very little effort to use.
It's held comfortably and securely in your grasp, just like a pen, and is both small and lightweight for convenient storage and travel.
Avoid slow progress and frustrating mistakes with this convenient and effective stylus for your delicate touchscreen.

Please Note: This stylus is only compatible with 'resistive' touchscreens, which are the type of touchscreens that don't require a finger to be used. It will not work with 'capacitive' touchscreens, which can only be used with a finger or a special 'capacitative' stylus. For a 'capacitative' stylus, please refer to our 'Universal' stylus range.

  • Fine control and precision over touchscreen functions
  • Doesn't damage the touchscreen's surface
  • Works on a range of 'resistive' (non-finger-touch) touchscreens (it will not work on 'capacitative', finger-touch screens)
  • Comfortable and secure grasp
  • Small and lightweight

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