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Universal Weatherproof Bicycle Cradle

Universal Weatherproof Bicycle Cradle
Stay safe and get more out of cycling with this premium-quality, weatherproof bike cradle
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Universal Weatherproof  Bicycle Cradle
Universal Weatherproof  Bicycle Cradle Universal Weatherproof  Bicycle Cradle Universal Weatherproof  Bicycle Cradle Universal Weatherproof  Bicycle Cradle Universal Weatherproof  Bicycle Cradle Universal Weatherproof  Bicycle Cradle

Price: $23.95

The ultimate bike case is here. With a clever detachable design, this bike case functions as both portable protection for your phone while cycling, and as a protective pocket case when you’re on the go.

The unit features an adjustable attachment mechanism for proper and safe fitting to a range of bicycle sizes. The portable case easily detaches and reattaches from the rest of the unit for quick and reliable access. Made from durable material, the case is weatherproof to shield it from the elements when out riding. The case also features an easy-to-use zip mechanism that ensures quick and easy access, while maintaining its weatherproof design.

Its see-through front cover keeps your phone protected from moisture, scratches and dust, while still allowing you to answer calls and operate the phone’s controls without having to remove it from the case. Designed for everyday, practical use, this superior quality bike case is essential, functional protection for your valuable phone, whether you cycle for transport, exercise or fun.

  • Detachable bike case that transforms into protective pocket case when detached
  • Easy, reliable detachment and reattachment
  • Adjustable bike attachment mechanism to suit a range of bike sizes
  • Weatherproof design
  • Easy-to-use zip mechanism
  • See-through front cover for protection and functionality
  • Superior-quality functional design
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