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Defender Case for Google Pixel 6 - Navy

The tough Defender Case ensures all round protection for your Google Pixel 6
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Defender Case for Google Pixel 6 - Navy
Defender Case for Google Pixel 6 - Navy Defender Case for Google Pixel 6 - Navy

Price: $19.95

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The Defender Case is a must have for Google Pixel 6 lovers who want to ensure the highest level of protection, making it the ultimate companion to keep your Google Pixel 6 safe and secure. Showcase your individual style with a range of vibrant, stunning shades.

The multiple layers ensure ultimate protection against knocks, scratches, dust, and impacts while also providing a firm, reliable grip. With a range of stunning colours to choose from, you will be sure to find the perfect case for you.

Unique 4 point protection

For further protection, the unique Defender Case incorporates 4 points around the corners to further enhance its ability to shield your device.

The buttons are constructed from hard TPU, and provide quick responsiveness and tactile feedback. With full access to all controls, sockets and the camera, your Google Pixel 6 will remain functional while being fully protected.


  • Outer hard plastic layer and inner silicone layer that combines to form a strong protective barrier against scratches, impacts and dust
  • Reliable, firm grip
  • Crafted to encapsulate the Google Pixel 6's contours for an optimal all-round fit
  • Full access to all controls, sockets and the camera
  • Specially designed for enhanced protection with 4 points on edges to absorb impact
  • Google Pixel 6
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