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ROCK iPhone 5 AF & AS Screen Protector

A innovative high density screen protector from ROCK with both anti-fingerprint and anti-glare technologies for Apple iPhone 5
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ROCK iPhone 5 AF & AS Screen Protector
ROCK iPhone 5 AF & AS Screen Protector ROCK iPhone 5 AF & AS Screen Protector ROCK iPhone 5 AF & AS Screen Protector ROCK iPhone 5 AF & AS Screen Protector

Price: $9.95

ROCK's first AF & AS screen protector is here. Incorporating the finest high density plastic coating composite, the Rock screen protector boasts both anti-fingerprint & anti-glare technologies. Take your smartphone anywhere on the road without the need to worry about oily fingerprints or the glare of the sun on the large screen's of today's smartphones.

While incorporating these technologies the ROCK screen protector remains crystal clear. The transparent coating of plastic composite still allows 100% of the phone's colour spectrum to show through without altering its vibrant colour profile.

Despite the increased density, the ROCK screen protector remains light and thin, unobtrusive to the phones contours. The shield also smoothly sticks onto your screen reducing the chance of air pockets.

Not only will your main screen be shielded, but also included in the package is a screen protector for your smartphone's camera lens. 9 different lens sizes are provided to ensure the shield fits your phone's particular camera lens. With this lens protector you will never need to worry about scratching your lens or ruined photographs.

With years of experience behind the ROCK name, you can be sure that this screen protector meets high standards of quality and reliability, and that your smartphone will be better protected from the effects of daily life.


  • Protects against scratches, dust, oil and fingerprints
  • Anti-glare technology prevents light glare
  • Crystal clear camera lens shield included
  • Resists erosion and wearing down of the screen
  • Maintains crystal-clear visibility
  • Can improve screen contrast by reducing damage and debris build-up on the screen
  • Specifically cut to fit the Apple iPhone 5

Package Contents:

  • 1 x AF & AS Screen Protector
  • 1 x Camera Lens Protector Sheet
  • 1 x Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
  • 2 x Dust Removal Sticky Paper Cloth

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