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MicroSIM Card Adaptor

Use your MicroSIM as a normal-sized SIM & unlock its potential with this MicroSIM Card Adaptor
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MicroSIM Card Adaptor
MicroSIM Card Adaptor MicroSIM Card Adaptor

Price: $6.95

Get more out of your MicroSIM card with this MicroSIM Card Adaptor.

Your MicroSIM is simply inserted into the adaptor, and can then be used in devices that only fit a normal-sized SIM card, not a MicroSIM card.

This simple accessory allows you to truly unlock the potential of your MicroSIM card and may help you avoid the need to purchase multiple SIM cards and plans just because you needed a normal-sized SIM.

  • Simply insert your MicroSIM into the adaptor, and it can then be used in place of a normal-sized SIM card
  • Makes your MicroSIM card compatible with a much greater range of devices, so you may not need to purchase additional SIM cards
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