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Bluedio 66i Bluetooth Stereo Headset for Sony - Hot Pink

Bluedio 66i Bluetooth Stereo Headset for Sony - Hot Pink
With combinations of many kinds of latest technology, this smart Bluedio 66i delivers more safety and stable HD audio tone quality
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Bluedio 66i Bluetooth Stereo Headset for Sony - Hot Pink
Bluedio 66i Bluetooth Stereo Headset for Sony - Hot Pink Bluedio 66i Bluetooth Stereo Headset for Sony - Hot Pink Bluedio 66i Bluetooth Stereo Headset for Sony - Hot Pink Bluedio 66i Bluetooth Stereo Headset for Sony - Hot Pink Bluedio 66i Bluetooth Stereo Headset for Sony - Hot Pink Bluedio 66i Bluetooth Stereo Headset for Sony - Hot Pink

Price: $29.95

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Bluedio 66i combines Bluedio's latest composite drive unit with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 chip.

Integrated into the headset is automatic voice prompting and Bluetooth multipoint technology. Multipoint allows your Bluetooth Headset to be connected to two Bluetooth devices at the same time. When a call comes in, the headset knows which handset is ringing and will connect to the phone automatically.

This 66i headset supports NFC - the Near Field Communication. NFC offering a simply touch solutions, can be used in mobile devices, Bluetooth headset, PC and intelligent control for near-field communication. With NFC you just need to use your mobile phone to touch once the headset, your phone will connect with the headset.

Bluedio 66i supports two“EQ” music styles.When you are listening your music,You just need to press the Vol(+)and the Vol(-) at the same to select Classical style or popular style.

When there is an incoming call, your hands are busying on driving or other things, Bluedio66i will prompt you a sound and you just say “YES” or “NO” to decide whether you will pick the call. Drive safety and won’t miss a call by wearing Bluedio66i.

Once you plug in the convertible earphone cable, the headsets can stream music directly from the paired devices, which will immediately realise your perfect stereo effect.

With the application of Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy technology, Bluedio 66i can achieve more than 400 hours of Standby time, 5 hours Talk time or Music playtime.

  • Bluetooth speciification v4.0
  • Operating Distance: 10m
  • Built-in rechargeable 90mA Li-Polymer battery
  • Multipoint Technology: Yes
  • Multi-function Button On/Off: Yes
  • Standby Time: 400hrs
  • Supported Profiles: NFC A2DP AVRCP HSP HFP
  • Talk Time: 5hrs

  • 1 x Bluedio 66i Bluetooth Headset
  • 3 x Earhook
  • 1 x Headset Cord
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

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