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PeriPower Cradle with Flexible Neck

PeriPower Cradle with Flexible Neck
A first-class car device holder from PeriPower, that combines safety, function and elegant style
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PeriPower Cradle with Flexible Neck
PeriPower Cradle with Flexible Neck PeriPower Cradle with Flexible Neck PeriPower Cradle with Flexible Neck PeriPower Cradle with Flexible Neck PeriPower Cradle with Flexible Neck

Price: $27.95

This premium-quality car device holder from PeriPower is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a way to safely use electronic devices in your car.

The holder attaches to the windscreen of your car via a specially designed strong suction cup.

Furthermore, the holder comes with a special dashboard stability clip, which you can stick to your dashboard and then at then anchor the neck of the holder to for greater stability.

The bracket, where the device sits, features adjustable side clamps, expanded by a discreet rear-located button, that can accommodate a range of different electronic devices, including mobile phones, iPods and GPS devices.

Two inbuilt swivel feet at the bottom of the bracket provide extra security for your device.

The side clamps, swivel feet and front body panel of the bracket all feature protective foam padding, to ensure a secure yet gentle hold on your device.

The neck of the holder is a gooseneck-style design, allowing a wide range of motion in multiple dimensions simply by bending the neck, so you can find the angle that’s safest and works best for you.

The neck surface itself is smooth for an elegant aesthetic finish.

If you’re looking to combine safety with premium quality and style in a single car device holder, you can’t go past this fantastic product from PeriPower.


  • Premium-quality car device holder from PeriPower
  • Attaches to your windscreens via a specially designed strong suction cup
  • Comes with separate dashboard stability clip, to anchor the neck to the dashboard of your car for greater stability
  • Adjustable side clamps that accommodate devices 40 to 105mm wide, expanded with a discreet rear-located button
  • Great for mobile phones, iPods and GPS devices, among others
  • Swivel feet built in to bracket for extra security
  • Protective, gentle foam padding on side clamps, swivel feet and front body panel of the bracket
  • Smooth, elegant gooseneck-style neck that is 271mm in length
  • Neck rotates in multiple directions simply by bending it, so you can find the angle that’s safest and most convenient for you
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